For the first time, history of His Serene Highness Alexznder D. Menshikov, first owner and builder of Oranienbaum residence, was represented in a new exposition at the Grand Menshikov Palace on July 27th, 2017.

At the close of restoration of the western wing of the Grand Menshikov Palace in 2017, Peterhof Museum-Reserve offered residents and guests of the city new historical museum project – "Oranienbaum through the Ages". Traditional exposition methods and brand-new multimedia technologies were united in several halls. Visitors travelling through space and time, are accompanied by the voice of the famous Russian journalist Vladimir Posner.

For a start guests of the Grand Menshikov Palace discover many interesting facts about ancient Izhora area, where Oranienbaum is located. Multimedia technologies take them back in time to the shores of the Gulf of Finland in the end of the Ice Age, and show the process of modern landscape's shaping.

Visitors of the museum become participants of the thrilling battles of Northern War (1700-1721), visit the command post of Peter the Great and watch the siege of Oreshek fortress. In the next hall they get a private audience with the governor of Ingrian Finnish lands, "Duke of Izhora" - Alexander D. Menshikov, as if they have entered the working cabinet of His Serene Highness.

Unique mechanical model is of a particular interest and shows architectural changes in a palace and park-ensemble of Oranienbaum throughout decades. Mysteries of restoration and creation of museum exposition in the Grand Menshikov Palace in the course of time are revealed in the last hall. The creators of the museum have not forgotten about the youngest visitors. Parents can leave their kids with teachers-caregivers in a specialy equipped room, that is suitable both for playing and education.

Peterhof State Museum Reserve has created multimedia project "Oranienbaum through the Ages" together with Studio of Scenography and Technology "Show Consulting".

"Oranienbaum through the Ages" project in the Grand Menshikov Palace