Today on September 14th, all parks and museums of Peterhof Museum-Reserve except those in the Grand Peterhof Palace and on Pravlenskaya Street, are closed due to a storm warning!  


1722-1724, architect N.Michetti

The Menager fountains adorn the parterres, at the foot of the "Golden Hill" cascade. The fifteen-meter water pillars create a powerful impression, while the water is still consumed sparingly. The word "Menager" comes from the French "menager" - to save.

The secret of these fountains is in the special design of the fountain nozzle, which was proposed by Peter I himself and made according to his own sketch. Inside the 30 cm diameter pipe, at the outlet of the water jet, an inverted copper cone is embedded. The water, by flowing around the cone, emerges under a high pressure through a narrow circular gap, forming a hollow column, producing an impression of extraordinary power. This nozzle design is still used in our days.

In the second half of the XVIII century, the water pillars of the fountains were raised and maintained at their tops by the gilded copper balls, that, after turning off of the fountain, would lower into a copper mesh.