Temporary Museum Admission Policy

For the safety of visitors and employees, The Peterhof State Museum-Reserve has introduced a temporary Admission Policy.

To enter the museums, foreign citizens should present an identity document along with QR code confirming protection against COVID-19 or a document confirming vaccination.

Tickets to the museums are available for purchase on the website and also in the ticket office.

On the museum premises please follow the standard rules for public spaces.

  • Face masks are required. You can bring your own mask or purchase one in the vending machine.
  • After touching a surface, wash your hands with soap or use a sanitizer. You can wear gloves if desired.
  • For everyone’s safety, please maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters from other visitors, excluding your relatives and friends who are accompanying you. To assist with social distancing, we have marked safety intervals in the most visited areas.
  • The parks and museums of The Peterhof State Museum-Reserve work in the usual winter schedule.

    Entrance to the parks is free, documents are not required.