Today on September 14th, all parks and museums of Peterhof Museum-Reserve except those in the Grand Peterhof Palace and on Pravlenskaya Street, are closed due to a storm warning!  


In May of 2001, on the Monplaisir alley of the Lower Park, not far from the Roman fountains, the trick-fountain "the Water Road" appeared. It had not been used for 280 years. It was built according to the idea of Peter I, by the architect N. Michetti, and its first launch took place in 1721. Based on the Tsar's plan, the significant part of the alley, would be suddenly covered with a water arch of three hundred jets, and everyone walking passed would turn out wet, from head to toe. It is no coincidence that this trick-fountain, in Peter's time, used to be called "the Wet Road". However, soon after the opening, the fountain disappeared. Apparently, the idea was too rough.

The preserved drawings and descriptions of the fountain from the 1720's, were taken as the basis of "the Water Road" restoration. The fountain's operation hours had to be changed: if in the XVIII century, the effect of surprise from the "water trick" action was compulsory, than in present time, this trick-fountain is turned on according to the schedule - three times a day, virtually, just for one minute: at 1.00 PM, 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

The Peterhof trick-fountains, are one of a kind operating examples of the "water tricks", that used to be numerous in the XVII-XVIII centuries, in European royal parks.