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1734-1738, sculptor B.K. Rastrelli, fountain master P. Sualem

The Square ponds, dug out by the order of Peter I in 1721, were used as water reservoirs for the fountains of the Lower Park and initially had no fountain decorations. In 1737, the lead gilded sculptures were placed inside of them, created from the model of B. K. Rastrelli. The Western pond was adorned by the group "Bathing of Diana", depicting the goddess of hunting surrounded by nymphs, dogs and dolphins. In the Eastern pond, the figures of the river-god Alpheus and the nymph Arethusa were set, surrounded by dolphins and sirens.

By the end of the XVIII century, the lead sculptures lost their former luster, and out of all of them, only the six gilded dolphins with "wateraction" remained. At the beginning of the XX century, the basins of the ponds were decorated with marble sculptures of the XVIII century, the "Spring" and the "Summer", and during the post-war restoration their places were taken by the statue of "Venus Italica" and young god "Apollo". The dolphins for the fountains were cast in bronze, according to the preserved models.