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1799-1800, architect A. N. Voronikhin, F. Brouer, fountain engineer F. Strelnikov

1852-1854, architect A.I. Stackenschneider

The "Terrace" fountains received their name because of their location. They decorate the green slope from the eastern and western sides of the Grand cascade. The idea of their creation arose in the first quarter of the XVIII century, but only in 1800 they appeared here by the design of A.N. Voronikhin. The Pudost limestone, that terrace water cannons were originally made of, was replaced with white Carrara marble in the middle of the XIX century, by the craftsmen of the Peterhof lapidary factory, according to the sketches of A.I. Stackenschneider, having saved its composition, and the original appearance. Below the bowls with single water cannons, the small four-step cascades were embedded in the slope. Their top is finalized, with the triangle attic and decorated with the gilded bronze mascaron, from where the water is flowing down the stairs. On the open area, at the foot of the cascades, thin jets spurt. The water from all ten Terrace fountains, is flowing into the scoop of the Grand cascade down the gutters, laid along the lower supporting granite wall.

Standing out effectively on the green background, the Terrace fountains impart even more splendor to the grand and ceremonious central part of the park. They expand the water decoration of the Grand cascade, and compositionally connect it, with the parterres and the side blocks of the Grand Palace.