Today on September 14th, all parks and museums of Peterhof Museum-Reserve except those in the Grand Peterhof Palace and on Pravlenskaya Street, are closed due to a storm warning!  


1721 – 1722, architect N. Michetti, artist - L.Caravaque

From the eastern and western sides of the "Sun" fountain, there are two light wooden pavilions - the Aviaries. These twelve sided pavilions, crowned with domes and lamps, are uniquely picturesque by their altering bands of gray tufa, black dross and sea shells. In summer time, the bird cages were hung there. There were parrots in the eastern Aviary, and singing feathered race in the western: nightingales, thrushes, siskins, finches and bullfinches. In winter time, the "singers" were placed inside the heated huts. These garden "toys" of Peter's time, created by the architect Niccolo Michetti, magically survived in the whirlwind of centuries. The original artwork, performed by the French painter L. Caravaque has preserved inside the Aviaries.

 Peterhof Aviaries remind us of many disappeared garden constructions of the first quarter of the XVIII century. Today, as before, the bird voices can still be heard here.    

Aviaries in the Lower Park