Today, February 17th, all parks are closed due to storm warning.

Welcome to the new Peterhof Museum-Reserve Site
We welcome you at our all-new site. We look forward to share with you the most interesting facts about Peterhof's parks, palaces & collection. May your journey to the "capital of fountains" be a fascinating experience.
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Grand Peterhof Palace will be closed on February 28th in connection with memorial service for the president of Peterhof museum-reserve V.V. Znamenov.

27.04.2020 — 28.04.2020, Peterhof
20.09.2019 — 21.09.2019, Peterhof
Autumn Fountain Show at the Grand Cascade
18.05.2019, Peterhof
Annual Spring Fountain Show 2019
19.05.2018, Peterhof
Annual Spring Fountain Show
18.05.2018, Peterhof
International Museum Day 2018
01.07.2017 — 02.07.2017, Alexandria
Alexandria's Carousel 2017
20.05.2017, Peterhof
Journey to the Land of Don Quixote

Interesting to know about Peterhof

  • The first Hermitage in Russia appeared in Peterhof: it was built by the decree of Peter I in the Lower Park 1721-1725
  • The first picture gallery in Russia manifested in Monplaisir Palace: a collection of paintings of Peter I included works of Dutch, Flemish, Italian and German artists of the 17th-18th century
  • The Neptune Fountain is 50 years older than Peterhof (It was created in 1650 - 1660)
  • The Audience Hall is the first premises in Russia, where optical illusion was used in the interior (parallel mirrors)
  • Pumps have never been used to supply water to Peterhof fountains. The water comes naturally from Ropsha Heights through a system of canals, ponds and locks
  • Total water consumption by Peterhof fountains - 1100 liters per second
  • The maximum height of the jet of the Samson fountain - 20 meters
  • Fountain masters service 12 440 stone surfaces, rotate about 300 gate valves daily, 60% of which are from the 18th-19th centuries
  • The water-supplying system of Peterhof is comprised of 96 kilometers of canals, 16 ponds and 135 different hydraulic structures