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1853-1856, architect A.I. Stackenschneider

In the middle of the XIX century, the "chorus of the water cannons" in the parterres at the foot of the Grand Cascade, was complemented by the fountains in the form of semi-circular benches, from snow-white Carrara marble. These are some of a very few fountains of the Lower Park, created in the XIX century. The author of the project is A. I. Stackenschneider. 

The massive arm rests of the benches are in the form of large volutes, transitioning into the powerful lion's paws. Behind the smooth backs, as lively relief belts of geometric ornament, there are pools with marble bowls, and gilded bronze statues placed inside of them. Above the western bench stands the figure of Nymph - the river goddess, the copy of the antique Roman sculpture of the III century BC, kept in the collection of the State Hermitage Museum. Above the eastern bench is the statue of Danaida, holding a jug - one of the fifty daughters of the Libyan king, Danaus, who were condemned for killing of their husbands to eternally fill water into the bottomless barrel. The sculpture of "Danaida" is made from the model of I. Vitali, who made a copy of the marble original, the work of the German sculptor of the XIX century H. Rauch.

The white marble benches and the gilded statues, standing over them, contribute a special charm to the landscape of the Lower Park and are rightly regarded as one of the best monuments of Peterhof.