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1796, architect F. Brouer

The idea of creating the "squirting amusements" in the Peterhof residence belonged to Peter I, who was known to be fond of this sort of jokes and pranks. Although, some of the trick-fountains of the Lower Park were constructed in the late XVIII century, by their operation and principle of decoration, they are fully consistent with water amusements of Peter's gardens.

The trick-fountain "Umbrella", was created in 1796 by the project of the architect F. Brouer, under the influence of "Chinese" buildings in "Tsarskoye Selo" (Tsar's Village, Pushkin). The fountain resembles the shape of an umbrella: the massive pillar supports the wide bright green top, completed with carved wooden flower. The pillar is circled with chairs with carved arm rests. As soon as the guests would gather under its roof, out of a hundred sixty-four tubes hidden behind the elegant carved festoons, the firm water streams began to flow, forming a dense water curtain. In the 1860's, the roof of the fountain was given the appearance of a fly agaric mushroom.Since then, for nearly a century, this trick-fountain was called "theMushroom". In 1949, during the restoration, it was returned to its original appearance and name, but the name "Mushroom" is still used among the residents of St. Petersburg.