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"Adam" fountain - 1721-1722, architect. N. Michetti;

"Eve" fountain - 1725-1726, architect T. N. Usov, design by N. Michetti;

Statues - sculptor G. Bonazza.

On the Marly alley, equidistant from the Sea canal, there are coupled fountains "Adam" and "Eve". Engaged in arrangement of his suburban residence, Peter I ordered the making of these marble statues to the Venetian sculptor Giovanni Bonazza. In 1718, the latter created the skillful replicas of the famous sculptures located in the Palace of Doges, works of Antonio Rizzi - the master of the Renaissance era. The decor of the fountain "Adam" was finalized in 1722, although the statue was placed on the pre-arranged base of the Marly Avenue two years before. The fountain "Eve", differing only with its central figure, started working in 1726. They are not only connected by the Biblical plot, in the first quarter of the XVIII сentury "Adam" and "Eve" were given a distinct allegorical meaning: the great grandparents of the human race were associated with the crowned "great grandparents" of the Russian empire - Peter I and Catherine I.

The water decoration of the fountains is closely connected with the geometrical layout of the avenues: the water pools have eight verges each, corresponding to the eight paths divergent from here. In the center of each fountain, there is a marble sculpture surrounded by sixteen water jets, that don't get sprayed, when reaching the seven meter height, but rather split into separate large drops, well visible from far. In the XVIII сentury, the fountains were surrounded with the trellis arbors, that served as shelters in bad weather. Today, the fine modern constructions remind us of them.

During the XVIII and XIX centuries, the fountains did not undergo any significant alternations, this is why their original appearance remained until our days.