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1855-1856, architect E. Gahn

The House of Courier Service or the museum of the "Feldjager House", that had its inauguration on June 2nd, 2014, is connected with the history of Russian secret courier service (Ger. Feldjager). It was built by the order of the Emperor Alexander II, near the Farm palace that served as a summer cottage for the imperial family. The house was intended for the courier on duty, that had to be at the Emperor's discretion, all the time.

The wooden construction that combines the elements of Russian wooden architecture and the Gothic motifs, perfectly fits into the ensemble of the romantic park "Alexandria". Adjacent to the main building, there is an indoor household yard, where the water tanks were standing and firewood, charcoal and other household accessories were kept.

The exposition of the museum is located in two small rooms: the Kammerdiener's (The Valet)room and the room of the Feldjager on duty - the military courier for delivery of secret government correspondence. The duties of the courier included: escorting of the emperor, his family and dignitaries, on all of his trips, as well as the execution of special assignments from the emperor. The history of the feldjager service revives on the pages of multimedia books, presented in the exposition of the Kammerdiener's room.

In the museum, you can see the uniform of the officer of the Imperial Feldjager campus, portable safes for valuable freight and a chest leather bag for documents, which the courier never parted with. The main motto of the feldjagers at all times - "If I do not hurry, I lose my dignity." Today the State feldjager service provides security to Russia's information. With all rulers, the concepts of conscience and duty for the feldjager are immutable.

The House of Courier Service - one of the few historically significant wooden buildings, that survived during the years of the Second World War and preserved in the post-war time.

House of Courier Service in the Alexandria Park