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1721-1724, architect N. Michetti

The tradition of keeping rare birds and animals in the gardens, found its reflection in the Lower Park. In 1719, the architects J. Braunstein and J.-B. Le Blond, organized the Menagerie garden, for the menagerie that Peter planned. A considerable part of the garden was occupied by the Menagerie pond, for the keeping of swans and rare waterfowl. In 1724, the architect N. Michetti, turned the menagerie into the Grand garden and the Menagerie pond was decorated with a modest fountain. Half a century later, in the times of the Empress Catherine II, to the design of the architects I. Yakovlev and Y. Veldten, the imperial beach was made in the pond. The fountain was rebuilt and received the name of "the Sun", by the drawing of its jets. 

On the round pedestal decorated with sixteen gilded dolphins, there is a bronze column completed by the gilded disks, and inside the pedestal, there is a hidden mechanism with a water wheel. Under the influence of the water the wheel turned, and with the help of a gear, rotation was transmitted to the column with gilded disks. 

The liquid "Sun" is a fine example of the mechanical fountains of the XVIII century. Silver streams begin to spurt simultaneously, along the edges of the discs and from the open mouths of dolphins, they come flying in all directions in shimmering multicolored rainbow.

After the Second World War, the fountain destroyed by the German troops, was restored and resumed its work, in 1956.