"The Museum of Art Collectors" was opened on July 30, 2002, it was formed on the basis of gifts and wills of the famous Leningrad collectors: Joseph Moiseevich Ezrah; spouses - Rosa Mikhailovna and Alexander Alexandrovich Timofeyevs; Moscow collections of I. E. Kavarskaya and A. V. Usenina. Experts estimated these unique collections as a "gift of the century", consisting of paintings, decorative and applied art, as well as a collections of books and magazines.

The world of the collector is special, and is surely reflective of the collector's personality. Porcelain was the main hobby of J. M. Ezrah. He carried this passion through all his life. His collection - the small "Porcelain Museum", has no analogues among the private collections in Russia. It gives an insight into the production of European porcelain, since its original appearance and until the middle of the XIX century. Its main part consists of items, of Meissen Royal Porcelain Manufactory and other German factories. In addition, this collection includes the first-class pieces of the factories of France, Austria, Italy, England and Russia. The artwork part of the collection, includes works of Russian and Soviet art of different artistic views and directions, of late XIX - early XX centuries. This makes the collection particularly valuable and interesting. It is represented by the names of K. Petrov-Vodkin, R. Falk, M. Larionov, N. Goncharova, A. Ostroumova-Lebedeva, Z. Serebryakova, M. Saryan, V. Borisov-Musatov, A. Benois, M. Dobuzhinsky and others.

The collection of the couple Timofeyevs, is one of the most informative and interesting private collections transferred by their bequest to Peterhof, in full. This noble gesture, allowed to open many rarities to the general public in the exhibition halls. One hundred and three drawings by the old masters of France, Italy and the Netherlands, can undoubtedly be referred as masterpieces. In this collection, there are works of the Renaissance masters. In the post-war years, Timofeevs got involved with Russian and Soviet paintings. They managed to gather a small, but impressive collection. The museum has 80 paintings, including the works by D. Burliuk, M. Nesterov, A. Benois, M. Dobuzhinsky, K. Korovin, B. M. Kustodiev, A. Golovin, N. Altman, B. Grigoriev and other painters. The well-known painting of N. K. Roerich "The Border of the Kingdom", created in 1916, can be considered the gem of this collection. The favorite artist of Rosa Timofeyeva, was B. M. Kustodiev. In the museum exhibition, this master is represented by three of his paintings, seven drawings and watercolor art. The spouses Timofeyevs, managed to collect the unique theater and decorative works, thanks to which the notion of the "Russian theater of the early XX century" appeared. There are sketches of A. Y. Golovin, A. N. Benois, M. V. Dobuzhinsky, N. K. Roerich, I. Y, Bilibin, L.S. Bakst, V. I. Shuhaev, B. M. Kustodiev, N. P. Akimov.

Porcelain plastics - a small collection of works, with three groups of sculptures among them, made by the model of K. A. Somov. One of them "The Lady, taking off the mask" has the author's signature. The objects of the so-called "agitational porcelain with high revolutionary content", of 1918-1923, are of particular interest. The soul of the House of Timofeyev was the books - the collection of them has more than two and a half thousand volumes and magazines of the XIX-XX centuries.

With the opening of the "Museum of Art Collectors", Peterhof has become an attractive place, not only as the former Imperial residence, but also as a world-famous museum of history of the Russian culture.

Entrance to the Museum of Art Collectors via 4 Kalininskaya St.