1734-1738, architect I.Y. Blanc, I.P. Davydov, sculptor B.K. Rastrelli

1929 - updated with the sculpture by D. Rossi (1809)

On the central axis of the Upper Garden, the closest to the Grand Palace, is the "Oak" fountain. Inside the round basin on the tufa island, in the form of a starfish, there is the "Cupid, with a Theatrical Mask", welcoming the visitors to the park. This statue was made in 1809, by the sculptor D. Rossi. The Cupid is surrounded by six dolphins placed on the star rays, with thin streams of water spurting out of their mouths.

The name of the "Oak" fountain is connected with the fact, that the basin created in the 1730's, was originally decorated by a lead gilded oak, surrounded by tritons and dolphins. The tree, created by B.K. Rastrelli, was removed from the pool in the middle of the XVIII century, and was later used in the Lower Park in the creation of the trick-fountain "the Oak". The fountain composition has repeatedly been changed, and nowadays, only the name reminds us of the original decoration. The parterre of the Upper Garden, near the "Oak" fountain, is decorated with emphatic and expressive marble figures, works of the Italian sculptor A. Bonazza, created in 1757: Flora, Zephyr, Vertumnus and Pomona.

Since the time of the Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, in the "Oak" fountain's basin, every year on August 1st (August 14th according to the Gregorian calendar), there was the ritual of blessing and sprinkling with holy water, the regimental banners of all military units stationed in Peterhof. Currently, this tradition is revived.