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Peterhof Launched the Summer Season 2021

On April 24th at 10 AM major fountains of the Lower park started working and the whole museum-reserve switched to summer season that will last till October 17th, 2021. 

This summer all museum parks, including the Lower ParkAlexandria and Oranienbaum, will be open for public from 9 AM till 8 PM. The fountains of the Lower Park operate daily from 10 AM till 7:45 PM. The Upper Garden is closed for restoration till 2024, only transit passage along the Grand Palace is possible. Tickets to the parks are sold in the ticket office of the park as well as online. Please beware that the entry ticket entitles you to a single admission to the park. For example, to return to the pier in the Lower park after you've passed through the turnstiles and left the park you'll have to buy another ticket.

Planning your trip to Peterhof please consider that museum-reserve streches across 500 hectares of territory, embracing 4 ensembles: Peterhof, Alexandria, Oranienbaum and Strelna. Each of them includes a park and several palaces and museums. Grand Palace rising above the Grand Cascade lies at the very heart of Peterhof. This magnificent Baroque building boasts such masterpieces as grand staircase, golden enfilade of apartments, the Ball Room, and the Picture Gallery with 368 portraits by Pietro Antonio Rotari. Tickets to the Grand Palace are sold only in the ticket office of the Palace according to schedule.

Peterhof is not just the Grand Palace, it's also works of decorative, applied and jewelry art that belonged to the Russian emperors and empresses displayed in the Special Treasury Museum; a unique museum, that offers visitors a rare opportunity to get acquainted with everyday aspect of the imperial court's life - the Bathhouse Block of Monplaisir Palace; a collection of 124 paintings of the leading European art schools of the XVII-XVIII centuries in the Hermitage Pavilion; the elegant two-story palace Marly standing on the artificial viaduct between the ponds.   

20 minutes walk from the fountains of the Lower park a picturesque palace and park ensemble Alexandria is located. Visit the Cottage Palace in neo-gothic style to learn more on life and habits of Nicholas I as well as his collection of art. Explore the XIX century technical innovations in the Farm Palace of Alexandria. For visitor's convenience we've installed combined tickets to Alexandria park plus the Cottage Palace or the Farm Palace, that can be purchased in the ticket office of the park. 

40 minutes by taxi form the Lower Park of Peterhof in the city of Lomonosov a homestead of the first Governor of St.Petersburg is located. Oranienbaum ensemble is famous for its authentic palaces-resedences of Catherine the Great and Peter III. The Grand Menshikov Palace built as the country residence of HSH Prince Alexander Menshikov is the oldest construction of Oranienbaum. Please note that these palaces can be visited only as a part of guided tour that starts according to schedule. 

Please find more information on opening hours, ticket prices and common rules in the file attached. In case you need any assistance please contact us via Facebook or by phone +7 (812) 313-23-14.