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1800, architect F.P. Brouer

In the western part of the Lower Park, near the slope, between the Lion cascade and the Great Palace, there is the Sandy Pond. It was dug out in 1724, for the construction of a new granite cascade, but the works have not been carried through to the end. It was at that time that the pond got its name, "Sandy". Only in 1738, it was decided to arrange the pond well. It was made deeper, the banks were put in order, and in 1740, the huge and brightly painted wooden sculpture "likethe whale-fish", was placed at its center, with water activity on its head. Around it, there were fairytale lead sea bulls, coming out from under the water.

By the end of the XVIII century, the sculptures lost their gloss, and on their places, the master F. A. Strelnikov, arranged a Menager type fountain: the water column was spurting from the flat surface of the pond, surrounded by four gilded dolphins. In the middle of the XIX century, the fountain was dismantled and was recreated only later, in 1963, during the post-war reconstructions. Despite the fact that its sculptural decoration has been changing, the fountain retained its original name, "the Whale", until our days.