Beginning of the 1750's, project of the workshop of the architect F.B. Rastrelli

A small palace, known in the documents by the title of "Stone Hall", was built under the supervision of the master mason, M. L. Hofmann. The pavilion was designed for hosting concerts, masquerades and dances during the days of staying in Oranienbaum for the Grand Duke Peter Feodorovich, the future Emperor Peter III, and his wife - the Grand Duchess, Catherine Alekseevna. The construction plan was U-shaped, the large hall with the stage was set up in the central stone building. On celebration days, the square in front of the pavilion was set with laid tables, illuminated by the colored lanterns. The alley, exiting through the park, used to become a scene for the exquisite performances. Here there was a celebration of the name day of the one-year-old son of Catherine Alekseevna, the Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich, and his father - the Grand Duke Peter Feodorovich.

During the XIX-XX centuries, the pavilion was reconstructed several times. The wooden wings of the New palace were dismantled in the XIX century, and its central space - the "Stone Hall" ("The Stone Salo") - was preserved as an independent structure. In the middle of the XIX century, there was a Lutheran church, in the name of St. Elena, organized in the building. At that time, the hostess of Oranienbaum was the Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna. She was born in Germany and raised in the Lutheran faith. She came to Russia as the bride of the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, and accepted the Orthodox baptism. However, many servants of Elena Pavlovna adhered to the Lutheran rite. The spouse of her daughter Catherine Mikhailovna, the German Duke George-August Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who enlisted in the Russian military service, remained Lutheran. In the church, on Sundays, there were religious services and the organ was playing. At the beginning of the XX century, a bell tower was attached to the church. The building remained in this appearance until 1960, until the architect M. M. Plotnikov, recreated it in its present form.

Currently, the "Stone Hall" hosts concerts. Both chamber and opera music sound amazing here. The Pavilion houses festivals and exhibitions, as well as the working interactive cinema. The museum exposition of the "Stone Hall", presents sculptural works from the historical collection of Oranienbaum.

Stone Hall Pavilion in the Oranienbaum Park