Today on September 14th, all parks and museums of Peterhof Museum-Reserve except those in the Grand Peterhof Palace and on Pravlenskaya Street, are closed due to a storm warning!  


The Museum of the Fountain Craft, located in the eastern gallery of the Grand Peterhof Palace, opened its doors to the public on July 12, 2013. Its exposition is dedicated to the fountain art, the history of creation and development of the water-supply system of Peterhof. The traditional display of the unique exhibits, here is combined with the use of modern means of multimedia. On one of the plasma screens, there are alternating images of the famous European residences, that were visited by Peter I, before he decided to create the Grand Palace and Park ensemble, on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland.

An interactive scheme of the Peterhof conduit, allows to trace all stages of the development of the fountain system, starting from the time of Peter I. In the middle of the XIX century, during the reign of Nicholas I, the conduit route was enriched by the romantic parks with pavilions, that served as resting places for the imperial family. The museum gives the opportunity to see the images of the historical buildings, that did not preserve until our days, the fragments of the wooden and cast iron pipes of the XVIII century, parts of the water equipment, fountain nozzles, as well as the tools used by the fountain masters.

The museum acquaints us with the unique documents, dedicated to the restoration of the Peterhof fountains, after the Second World War. One of the museum's rarities, is the plaster model of the sculptural group "Samson Tearing Apart the Jaws of the Lion", made in 1947, by Vasily Simonov. This sculpture, having become the symbol of Peterhof, carries the patriotic idea of Russia's victory over the enemy.

Entrance from the Lower Park side