Historical & Cultural Project "The Court Entertainments"
House of Playing CardsGrottoes of the Grand Cascade

On the 12 of August 2014, in the State Museum Reserve, together with the studio of scenography and the stage technology "Show Consulting", there was the official opening of the Historical and Cultural project: "The Court Entertainments". Not only the leading museum workers, but also the theatre artists, the winners of the theatre award "Golden Mask" - Gleb Filshtinsky and Boris Kaminsky- took part in its creation.

The exposition, deployed in the nine halls of one of the Cavalier houses, in chronological order, tells us about the bright and meaningful events and entertainment of Peterhof, an important part of the court's culture. A special interactive theatrical ambiance was created, to plunge into the atmosphere of Peterhof's celebrations and to raise the sense of involvement of the visitors. It is an extensive work of music, light, multimedia projections and acoustic accompaniment, that shares a new view of the unique exhibits. Displayed in the halls, personal belongings of Peter I and Nicholas I, a collection of gala and theatrical costumes, imperial bicycles, items of the famous Babigonsky tableware, commemorative medals, an operating model of the rural mill and many more.

The video-attraction "Vessel "MON COEUR" ("MY HEART"), is of particular interest. After having walked along the wooden pier along the side of Peter's vessel, in the porthole of the cabin, one can see Peter I behind his desk and by flipping through the pages of the multimedia book: "The road to Russian Versailles", make a trip around the Western European cities and countries, that the Tsar was introduced to, during his Great ambassadorship.

A special hall is dedicated to the Peterhof's Opera house of the times of Elizabeth Petrovna, where one can watch a short ballet performance, on the music of the French composer Jean-Baptiste Lully. Through the glass floor of the hall, there is a theatre hold with the indexing curtains mechanism visible, and on the walls, there are silhouettes of ladies and cavaliers in the lodges of the summer imperial theatre.

During a long time, the fountains have been not only a decoration, but also funny amusements of the Lower Park. Inside a special airtight showcase of one of the halls, there is a working model of the Roman fountain. When one tries to approach the fountain, its water pressure increases, the lighting effects start changing and create an unusual theatre decoration.

The two halls named as "A Pleasant Walk to Babigon" introduce us with the idyll of rural life, typical for the era of Nicholas I. Here are: the multimedia-attraction "The Mill", a model of a Writ house with authentic miniature pieces of furniture and kitchen ware, and the Babigon tableware, work of the Imperial porcelain factory.

The Peterhof celebrations were called "The Magical scene", with their traditions remaining until our days. There is a miniature of the central part of the park, together with the Great palace and the cascade at its footsteps, in one of the nine exhibition halls, and reconstructed historical illuminations above it. The visitors become witnesses to a sublime performance, born by the symphony of water, fire, music and light. The modern technological objects utilized in the hall - the interactive table and the multimedia book - give opportunity to learn more about the celebrations and entertainment of the imperial residence. The specially preselected music of the composer and violinist Edvin Marton, creates a distinct atmosphere of celebration.

The music also sounds in the halls, where there is a collection of the imperial bicycles, that were favorite "toy-for-joy" of several generations of the Tsar family. The exposition presents the examples of adult and children's bicycles, including the model "Boneshaker", that belonged to the emperor Alexander III, known in Russia under the name of "Spider"

It is the first time in practice of the State Museum Reserve "Peterhof",that the building, where the exposition is situated, is fully equipped for the people with disabilities.