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Dear Friends!

Everyone's favorite Peterhof is unique and inimitable. Conceived by its great founder, the Emperor Peter I, as the "Russian Versailles", it did not become a repetition, but a genius development of a brilliant idea of creation of the fountain residence.

But the fast moving time is ruthless, and 300 years is a very respectable age too. The palaces and the parks, and the world's only natural fountain system require serious renovation. The state supports cultural institutions, the Peterhof Museum-Reserve has learned to earn independently, but this money is not enough to maintain the best summer residence of Russia in perfect order.

Peterhof Museum-Reserve invites everyone, who cherishes Russian history and culture, to consider supporting Peterhof. Any, even the most humble, contribution, will help to preserve Peterhof and implement our daring projects.

We all want to see this amazing place splendid and prosperous. So let us join efforts, let's do it for our children and grandchildren, let's do it for ourselves!