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1734-1738, architect B. K. Rastrelli, the fountain master P. Sualem

The fountain "Mezheumnny" ("Between brains"), is decorated with bronze figures of the sea dragon and the four dolphins, with water jets gushing out of their mouths. It is located on the central axis of the Upper garden, near the main gate.

The name "Mezheumnny" or "Indefinite" is connected with the fact that, the sculptural decoration of the fountain was often changed. In the basin, created in the 1730's, there was originally a multi-figure lead sculptural group "Andromeda". By the end of the XVIII century, on its place, the composition with a sea dragon and four dolphins appeared. In the XIX century, the fountain decor was changed twice, and, finally, during the post-war recovery, the dragon and the dolphins, made in bronze, returned to their places.