1721-1723, architect N. Michetti

1724, architect M.G. Zemtsov

1721-1724, hydrotechnical works - P. Sualem

The "Pyramid" fountain is one of the most beautiful and original fountains of Peterhof. It is considered to be the most abounding in water among the fountains of the Lower Park, as it spends about one hundred liters of water per second.

The "Water Pyramid with small cascades" started to be built by the order of Peter I, according to the drawings of N. Michetti, approved by him. In 1724, M. Zemtsov completed the construction of the fountain, that received its marble framing only at the end of the XVIII century. 

The fountain is represented by the seven-step tetrahedral pyramid, formed by 505 water jets. The shape of the tetrahedral obelisk is fully created by water. The most beautiful fountain of Peterhof has a deep symbolic meaning. At the beginning of the XVIII century, there was a tradition in the Russian army - to install wooden and stone obelisks, resembling the form of a pyramid, at final points of their course and in places of battles. Therefore, the fountain on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, representing a snow-white foaming mass of water, resembling a triumphal obelisk from a distance, is the peculiar monument in honor of the victory of Russian troops, who liberated this land from the Swedish rule during the course of the Northern War.

From the first day of existence of this complex, from the technical point of view, the fountain's principle of operation remains unchanged.