1721-1722, architect N. Michetti

1854, architect A.I. Staсkenschneider

At the foot of the Grand Palace, in the center of the parterre flower beds, the paired "Bowl" fountains are arranged. Their construction by the project of the architect N. Michetti, was completed at the end of 1722. The test launch took place in the presence of Peter I. The oldest fountains of Peterhof, for the capacity of their jets received the second name - the "Big Fountains". Since works on hydraulic settings of the eastern fountain were performed by the Frenchman Paul Sualem, and the western ones - by the Italians Giovanni and Giuliano Barattini, the eastern fountain are sometimes called "French", and the western ones - "Italian".

Originally, the bowls and the pedestals were carved out of wood, covered with lead and painted to look like marble, but in the middle of the XIX century, the dilapidated wooden bowls and pedestals were replaced with new ones, carved from Carrara marble, by the masters of Peterhof lapidary factory.

The "Bowl Fountains" harmoniously fit into the pattern of the central parterres and emphasize the power of "Samson", being on the same line with it.