International Museum Day 2018

Free entrance to Peterhof Facilities

To celebrate International Museum Day Peterhof offers free entrance to four incredible museum facilities on May 18th. Peter the Great’s Palace in Strelna, Museum of the Fountain Craft, Museum of Art Collectors as well as the historical & cultural project "The Court Entertainment" will be open for everyone from 10:30 till 6 p.m. free of charge.

If you’re planning to see the fountains on this day, please do explore one of the most fascinating museums of Peterhof – The Court Entertainment, that is placed on the Palace square just opposite to the main entrance to the Lower park. It is an extensive work of music, light, multimedia projections and acoustic accompaniment, that shares a new view of the unique exhibits.

In case you’ll find yourself stuck in the lines to the Grand Peterhof Palace do not hesitate to have a break from the crowds inside a cozy and informative Museum of the Fountain Craft situated in the eastern wing of the Grand Peterhof Palace. Its exposition is dedicated to the fountain art, the history of creation and development of the water-supply system of Peterhof. The museum gives the opportunity to see the images of the historical buildings, that did not preserve until our days, the fragments of the wooden and cast iron pipes of the XVIII century, parts of the water equipment, fountain nozzles, as well as the tools used by the fountain masters.

Did you ever know that Peterhof Museum-Reserve’s collection includes paintings by Konstantin Petrov-Vodkin, Michael Larionov, Natalia Goncharova, Zinaida Serebryakova, Alexander Benois and Viktor Borisov-Musatov? Have a chance to see these particularly valuable works of late XIX - early XX centuries free of charge in the newly opened Museum of Art Collectors on Pravlenskaya Street 8, just 5 minutes’ walk from the Grand Peterhof Palace. The museum was formed in 2002 on the basis of gifts and wills of the famous Leningrad collectors: Joseph Moiseevich Ezrah; spouses - Rosa Mikhailovna and Alexander Alexandrovich Timofeyevs; Moscow collections of I. E. Kavarskaya and A. V. Usenina.

Want to see some typical architecture and interiors of the early 18th century? Make a trip to Strelna, 20 km from St. Petersburg, to the Palace of Peter the Great. It is the only construction of the simple suburban homestead of Peter I, that preserved. He was staying here during his frequent visits to Kronstadt, Peterhof and Oranienbaum. In the palace collection, there are private things of the first Russian emperor: the holiday suit of Peter I; the patchwork blanket, that according to the legend, was sewed for the tsar by his spouse Catherine II and the folding screen for the bedroom, painted in the "chinoiserie" style.

Celebrate International Museum Day 2018 in Peterhof!

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