The Hotel "Freulein House" 

is located in the very center of Peterhof, on the Palace square, not far from the Lower Park. The hotel occupies one of the Freulein blocks, that were constructed in 1858, by the design of the architect N.L. Benois. The sketches of the future building were made by Nicholas I himself. The two-storey building is constructed on the site of the Cavalier House, intended for accommodation of the courtiers. In 2006, after the renovation, inside this historic building, the hotel "Freulein House" opened its doors. The guests are offered 50 cozy and comfortable rooms, equipped with all necessary amenities. In addition, an excursion program to the most significant sites of the Museum-Reserve "Peterhof" can be prepared for you, on request.

You can spend unforgettable days amidst the beautiful parks, resplendent fountains and magnificent palaces of Peterhof, from May 1st to November 1st.

In 2017 the Hotel is closed for reconstruction. Sorry for inconvenience!
We suggest you stay in one of the Peterhof city hotels.

198516 Palace Square 7
Peterhof St.Petersburg
For reservatins call (812) 326-18-31
Administrator: (812) 450-54-03